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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Project Done - Free Chat Rooms for Moms

Look at me go! I'm nearly unstopable now, things are really starting to roll. I feel a little stuck right now because much of my plans can't be started until after Thanksgiving. I did however get a suggestion for another blog this morning (actually more of a request than anything else), so I'm about to start working on it. I don't know how far ahead I'll get because I've got a sick kid today. It wasn't even something I really planned on working on today either, so not really a big deal. I'm just amazed how fast I've been getting everything done lately.

About Yesterday's Project: MomChats.com
Yesterday I took a chat room we set up a long time ago and decided to take it a bit further. Originally it was suppose to be a chat room for us, but with our busy schedules we haven't used it much. So I decided to make it a public chat room that can be rented. It's not all that easy to find free chat rooms without pop ups or one you have to download. So there's actually two parts to this:

Part One - I hope to promote others by offering a partnership. They add the room to their home page, we add their link to the main side of the chat room. The links aren't pop ups, and they dont' take up the entire room. They just sit on the side as "Useful Links".

Part Two - The rooms are open to anyone that needs them for whatever reason. An online party, a team meeting, how-to chat, or any other type of chat. It's not limited to just wahms, but any mom that wants to hold any type of chat. What's better is they are 100% free. We do some very light advertising for them as well, but expect the bulk of the advertising to be done by the person renting the room.

Noone pays a dime, and everyone benefits. :)

I haven't started any real promotion on it yet, since I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving to really get moving on it, but the site completely ready and open. If anyone needs a room for ANY occation, visit:


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