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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Enough Technology for One Day

I'm having a "technology sucks" day...you know those type of days where NOTHING seems to want to work. I shouldn't complain too much because it hasn't been THAT bad of a day. I actually got quite a bit done in a small amount of time. It was when I started working with blogs, feeds, and blog related programs that I ran into major problems. Grrr. As great as blogs are, you have to wonder if the entire concept has grown way too fast. Not only am I now completely lost when it comes to what link I'm suppose to be using to submit a feed or what "ping" really means, but I have no idea why certain programs refuse to work for me. *sigh* oh well. Moving right along....

I did feel like progress was made today on the big goal I mentioned yesterday. A very small step, but still a step. I have to keep in mind that an extra $3,500 isn't going to happen just over night. So to keep myself on track, I've broken it all down into smaller steps and smaller income goals. I won't give all the boring details here. I will tell you I the plans I have in full swing right now I expect to bring me in an easy extra $1,000 in a month or two. I'm hoping to see that by the end of December. If I don't, well no big deal. As it stands, what I'm putting into play right now will never end and never stop. It will only increase and grow. So if it doesn't hit what I think it will in just a month's time, it will eventually. The fun part is, by the time I'm done with this project for the time being, I won't have to mess with it again for another month or two. Hurray for residual income!

I was a little worried what my next big project was going to be, but the ideas began to flow again last night. I can hardly wait to start the next big project which has to do with chat rooms, but I've got to keep my focus on the current project for the time being. Good news is, I might get done with it sooner than I originally thought. Always feels good to get 2 week's worth of work done in a week's time. :D


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