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Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Snow

Just when I start priding myself on conquering the evil beast of procrastination ... I mean I have caught myself up from being on vacation for ten days what I feel was a decent amount of time and that includes doing a couple of other projects that have come up in the meantime.

I finished The Ultimate Direct Sales Guide which was already behind schedule. I wanted to finish it before I left for vacation but unfortunately I still hadn't recieved all the advertiser's info. So finishing this was a major goal for me. I've already disbursed the pdf version to all my advertisers and I'm simply waiting to get my printed copy to review and hopefully it'll be sent out to my distributors this week.

I set up a new affiliate program at PayDotCom.com. This project isn't completely ready to launch yet but I have to say so far I'm pretty happy with PayDotCom.com. It's definitely seeming to be a better alternative to ClickBank. It's by far more affordable which is a definite plus in my book and has a lot of extra goodies not available such as being able to contact your affiliates on a regular baisis.

I caught up all of my advertising. (Well, almost) I was pleasantly surprised that most everyone had read my messages at the top of each of my advertising pages knowing that their advertising wouldn't be processed till I returned. That means no nasty emails of "Where's my advertising?!?". Haha ... Yes, I've gotten that one too many times. Usually I don't work on weekends so every once in a while I'll recieve an email on Sunday about advertising bought Saturday morning. It gets a little frustrating but a lot of people online expect services rendered immediately. In a perfect world maybe.

Oh, I did mention "almost". Almost means something that doesn't need done right away but something I'm definitely going to work on. I've found the definite pluses in having a virtual assistant. Katie has been super-fast and super-reliable ... it's been a pleasure having her work for me and she's agreed to take on some more work. So, a little re-formatting some pages and we'll have that ready too.

Okay so there has been other work that I've finished too (for example we lost our private forums for DirectSalesHelpers.com due to the recent hacking so I had to rebuild those and have everyone re-register) but you can see how I'd be proud of the non-procrasitnation, right? Oh, and did I mention I'm done with my Christmas shopping? Well, we have one gift for each of the kiddos to pick up but other than that ... we're done!! Yeah, you're reading from a person who's done the Christmas Eve shopping spree too many times in the past. I've NEVER been this far ahead ... and I even have my Christmas tree!! Okay St. Nick bring it on!

So, where was I? Oh, the first snow ... okay, so it's not officially the first snow but it is for us considering the official first snow came while we were in Florida. This is "our first snow" of the season. There's really not that much out there and I couldn't bring myself to knock the expectations down of the kiddos when they're gathering the innertubes to go "sledding" ... ummm, they're not going to go very far very fast with all the more snow that's out there. And a snowman? Nah, that's not gonna happen. LOL! So as everyone's searching the house for their "snow clothing" we come to find that we can't find my daughter's "play coat" so her only other alternative is the WHITE coat that my mother-in-law bought last year. (I love my MIL to death ... honest I do but honey, white, why?? LOL) Okay, find the snow boots. Well, my son has two pairs of snow boots. One pair is leftover from last year which is two sizes two small. Then we have the hand-me-down pair from a friend or ours which is three sizes too big. LOL, it's amazing what 3 pairs of socks can accomplish! Did I mention that I just bought them new gloves and hats yesterday ... and did I mention that they didn't have any that were my sons size so they're a size or two too big too? Hmmm... and the ugly beast of procrastination strikes again....

That's okay, they're having a blast outside anyway. That's the beauty of what some ingenuity can come out of a needy mommy...


  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger BFU Rector said…

    I Took a look at PayDotCom.com.

    Nice set up.

    I'll go back to check closer, but the initial impression was good.




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