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Monday, January 02, 2006

Looking for Products

The response has been wonderful to the new product review section on Mom's Market - I've been getting many requests over the past few days. Even still, there are several items I would like to see reviewed and available on the site. If you're business offers one of these items, please see more information below.

Needed items for reviews:

- Natural or Handmade Soaps
- Natural or Handmade Lotion
- Bread Machine Mixes
- Diaper Cakes
- Baby Shower Items (excluding diaper bag)
- Dip Mixes
- Teas
- Other Foods and Mixes (no coffee please)
- Novelty Candles or Bakery Candles (no soy wax)
- Scrapbooking items
- Party Supplies
- Children's Clothes
- Craft Items
- Children's Products (3-10yrs old)
- Home Decor (check first please)
- Jewelry
- Unique Items

Other items will be accepted, the ones above are just the most needed right now.

The following items we do NOT need:

- Soy Wax Candles
- Diaper Bags
- Coffee or Coffee Blends
- Body Whip/Creams
- Nutritional Suppliments
- Stuff-a-friend or similar items
- Greeting Cakes

We may need those items in the future, but not right now since reviews are currently being done on those types of items.

If your business has items from the first list above, we would love to review them!
Please read our guidelines and send your requests in at:

It's very important you read our guidelines at the above link before submitting. Most questions can be answered on that page, and it's important the basics of our product reviews are understood. I would be more than happy to answer any additional questions not addressed on the information site.

I'm excited to be sending many new customers to all of those involved in this project!


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