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Monday, January 09, 2006

Important Announcement from Mom's Market

Some of you may have seen a notice sent out to a number of groups about another site offering product reviews. It may have looked as though it was coming from Mom's Market, but this was not the case. The content from our guideline page was copied (word for word). Currently the only partnership we have is with Rebecca White from Support for Moms. The site that copied our information (or any other site offering product reviews) has nothing to do with Mom's Market, and we will not ask you to "contact us" for more information or to send products. All requests for product reviews on Mom's Market are sent to us from our online form, which is found here:

The above link is the only one Mom's Market will ever ask you to visit when sending requests to have product reviews. Any other email address have no connection with us.

We are still accepting review requests, and will be for at least the next year. Much care has been taken to set up this special section on Mom's Market, and plans have been set to make this a very large promotion to everyone involved.

Our reviews aren't just stuffed on a "Product Review" page (although they CAN be seen on that page as well), but rather worked in to the main part of our shopping mall - which was formerly the largest part of Mom's Market. We take pride in our shopping directory, and promote to outside sources that bring us hundreds of shoppers (not just other WAHMs) every day.

In addition to the full reviews being featured on our general Product Review page and under specific categories in the mall, we also offer additional promotion (still at no cost) for those wishing to display a proud, "Recommended by Mom's Market" button on the home page of their site. Additional promotion includes a similar article on their product submitted to article directories, as well as posted on our special blog which is being promoted as we speak. Details on our blog can be found at:

-------->Note to WAHM or "mom related" site owners<--------
For those who have been thinking of adding product reviews to your site to benefit WAHMs, please see our information on free content and using our reviews here:

For those of you wishing to have your products reviewed for extra promotion to your website, please read our guidelines and complete our request form at:

If you have already sent in your request and haven't heard back from us, please feel free to submit again. I have personally contacted each and every individual that has sent a request in, but know sometimes email isn't always 100% reliable. I've already discovered one person that, in fact, never got the first email from us.

If you have any additional questions not addressed on the site above, please do feel free to contact us.



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