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Thursday, January 26, 2006

About Time I Posted Again

Since I was spending some time surfing at BlogExplosion, I thought it was about time I updated my own blog. Have you ever noticed how many blogs there are out that say that on a regular basis? (I'm guilty of this as well). "Sorry I haven't posted in awhile" or "Wow I need to post, don't I?". It's funny if you thinking about it, because it's pretty obvious from the date on the current and last post you haven't posted in awhile. Yes Anita, I'm laughing at you too. :P

Anyway, today has been one of those extremely bad days where I just want to crawl back into bed. No, not the normal "what can go wrong will go wrong" days, but rather one of those serious depression and questioning life days. Like, self pitty without anti-depressants. *sigh* Usually on days like this I completly hide, although today I decided to come out of the shadows for a bit. Laying on the couch thinking about the wrong turns I've made doesn't help anyone, and definitly not myself. Although these are the days I know Anita says to herself "oh no, make the negativity go away!". I try to spare her by just shutting of Yahoo IM or my email. (haha)

I've done some thinking and while I'm not about to abandon the goals I've already set, I'm thinking of shifting things around a bit. The response from the product reviews has been fantastic, but my own personal gain (yes I'm saying it - of course I wanted some financial gain from this, that's what business is about after all) has fell flat so far. I haven't really given it a fair amount of time (less than a month), but still I've not seen any results that I was anticipating. While the content will benefit everyone in the long run, the short term benefits aren't just working out well.

My solution is to not give up on it completely and keep plugging away, but I feel like there's something more I need to be doing. Anita is busy setting up some new things for Direct Sales Helpers while I continue to write weekly articles (well, most the time anyway - she's written many of the articles that appear in that newsletter). So while the product reviews continue to trickle in, I believe my focus needs to be on something else. More specifically, Idea Queen. It's a site I keep pulling back to every so often, because it holds many of my own interests. It's my idea dumping ground, but in a good way. All those little hints and tricks I do every day, all in one little place. Thanks to the Google ads, it was a profitable website at one time. Unfortunately, it didn't hold it's rankings for long. The daily visitors have gone from several hundred a day to near nothing. Thank you MSN and Google, thank you so very much.

It's about time that site come back to normal and start getting more visitors, so I'm working on getting the number back up. I'm about to put some new things on the site as well, but not entirely sure what. I have some ideas sitting in the back of my head, it's just a matter of getting them down on paper. One of my favorite hobbies is sewing, and I will probably add some articles on that topic soon.

Enough babbling, back to work. ;)


  • At 10:27 PM, Blogger Amanda said…

    It's not just you! I'm having one of those days too. You're not alone.


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