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Friday, August 25, 2006

Slacker Mom

I feel like a slacker mom today. I should be working on Idea Queen right now, but about all I can seem to do is read blogs and post comments. I've been scanning the website searching for something to do with it, so that counts as a task, right? I keep seeing the ad which asks if I'm a slacker mom, and today I think the answer is yes.

It could be that I'm so exhasted. While I'm loving the "me" time I've been getting while the kids are in school, I don't think my body has adjusted to getting up this early. I'm a night person, so getting up every day at 6am isn't exactly normal for me. My kids usually sleep in until at least 7 or 8 during the summer, and I'm already missing that. I can't complain though. They aren't hard to wake up, go to bed when they are told to, and love going to school.

I can't say I've totally slacked off. Surfing blogs counts as a task, plus I DID write an article. I'm getting ready to send out a few others, just as soon as I read one more blog on BlogExplosion.....

What is it about other people's lives that's so interesting? Maybe I need to get out more. :P


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