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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We Survived Day Two

Jillian couldn't understand this morning why she couldn't go back to school like Chase was. How exactly DO you explain to a 3yr old that she only goes to school Tuesdays and Thursdays? Especially when her big brother goes every day and always has (he was late getting into preschool, so was always in the every day class).

I suppose it's not too early to explain how a calendar works and what days of the week are, so that's exacly what I did this morning. Even still, I feel like she's SO ready for school that 2 days a week just isn't enough.

That and she bugged the crap out of me this morning.

Her: "Mommy, whatcha doing?"
Me: Working.
Her: "Mommy I had a cookie for a snack yesterday!"
Me: Yup you told me several times and that's great!
Her: "Mommy look what's on TV!"
Me: I see, go watch it!
Her: "Mommy come watch this show with me!"
Me: Can't honey, working remember?
Her: "Can I color?"
Me: *Gets crayons down*
Her: "Look Grandma's here, yeah!"
Me: "Grandma's here, YEAH!" (Muttering "CRAP I have NOTHING DONE!" *SIGH*)

I love her dearly, and I DO spend time with them, but holy crap is an hour too much to ask for? I don't know, maybe she just REALLY missed me yesterday and didn't want to leave my side today. But she didn't seem upset at all when I left with Grandma to run some candle-related erands.

I shouldn't complain - it's good to know my kid loves me and big brother wasn't home to fight with her. Even still, yesterday was SO nice with both of them gone for a few hours. *grin* That's not a bad thing, is it?


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