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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

MIA??? ME???

Well, yes I guess I have been MIA for a while. Just from here and what seems to be every other form of networking available (and yes, that makes a big difference!) Just to catch up on where I've been...

I've been here without a doubt and working my toosh off. Opening HomeBusinessSpecialists.com and HomeFreelanceJobs.com had turned out to be a bit more than I could handle right off that bat. I can't believe the response we had gotten for the Freelance Jobs site! One part of my "job" in this mix was to handle all the incoming applications. Making sure we had all the information required, reviewing samples...just basically making sure everything was in line and the applicants were fit for the job they were requesting. Okay...well this is a whole new work load added to my regular work...I've managed though, just needed a bit more re-arranging of my schedule. Unfortunately, my networking had suffered as I changed things around.

One thing that surely didn't help is that I pretty much had to take off most of last week. I ended up with an infected tooth. :( Whoa! Do you know what an infection in your mouth can do to your face?!?! Literally, I looked like someone had stuck a baseball in my cheek! (Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit..but really, not that much!) Yes, very painful! So, the dentist gave me some pain killers...Yeah, that gave me that gave me two choices...work in pain or sleep?!? Needless to say for a while I had to choose the sleep. :(

BUT, I did do a lot of work in the meantime. Between my "regular workload" and my "new workload" I was busy doing as much research on Affiliate Marketing as I could. (Fun, and interesting learning experience I might add)
I was thrilled to see the final product of all my hard work which became Affiliate Marketing Information Network! The fruits of my hard work showed off nicely. (Yeah, tooting my own horn just a bit!)

I also had the pleasure of watching MommysHelperOnline.com grow to a new level as it reached the "milestone" of a PR5 on Google! That made me realize just how much Mommy's Helper needed just a bit of a face lift. Just few changes here and there. I had realized that my home page was taking entirely too long to load (which also can hurt you) so, I did a little re-arranging (with-out completely changing everything) of my home page and of course my advertising page was in dire need of some help.

Oh and yes! I decided it was time I learned something about online auctioning so, I placed my first advertising listing at the new MomPack Auctions I look forward to putting up more and more auctions there. Actually, my first one ends in a few hours and it was sort of a learning experience for me.

Soooo, yes...I've been MIA but I've also been working. Time to get back to Networking! After the ezine gets out today of course ;)


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