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Friday, July 09, 2004

Promotion done, for now

Well, I still feel like there's a few things I've missed and didn't get done, but can't think of what they are right now. We signed our first client, and waiting to hear from quite a few who have been given quotes. An article was done, lists compiled, new ideas put into works, and a few link exchanges. Ok, so it really WAS a good week.

Really the promotion isn't done, and really never will be. But much has been put into motion for the next several months (such as a list of article ideas to write and submit, and a signature line created for all groups and message boards I visit often).

Next week I'm anxious to get back to Mom's Market for a little bit, will do some updating and work on a new advertising idea. The top priority for next week is getting my "back to school" page in order. I know it seems early, but I noticed today the old page I had up that's no longer linked is sitting at #3 for "Back to School Supplies", and starting to recieve quite a few visitors (I looked this morning, and saw over 50 for the week so far).

Right now I'm letting out a big sigh of relief that it's Friday, and email has been closed for the day. I really do like business, but just like a true working woman I can't waite for the weekend so I can take it all off my mind. I try to block it all out, and not let email make me feel guilty because let's face it - we all need breaks. Many don't realise how important taking time here and there for yourself and your family really is. I found out the hard way last summer when I spent every day (yes every single day!) working from the time I got up until very very late at night. One Saturday while attempting to finish a few projects I began to get a headache (mostly from stress, and all the long hours with little sleep). I tried to ignore it, sure I absolutely needed to finish my project or I'd fall behind. Well the head ache turned into a migrane and I got seriously ill. It took me out for several days. After that I vowed I would shut the computer off at a certain time (or at least stop working) at a certain time. To this day I still have a cut off time.

And speaking of which, it's that time! Enjoy the weekend!



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