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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Can I spill the beans yet?

Ooooo I'm so excited that we are FINISHED with one of the two sites for our "big project". I've never been good at keeping secretes, and when I'm excited the whole world knows about it. I want to scream out the URL to our new site, but actually the files havent' been uploaded to the host yet, so I know I had better just keep quiet for another day or two.

Really it's amazing how much you can accomplish with another person. There's no way I could have gotten that site finished quickly if it hadn't been for Anita doing the research on a few things and making sure the content was "just right". Here we were estimating that we would get this first site done by Friday, and it's only Tuesday! Amazing! I don't feel like I've overworked myself the last few days either, so that is a major plus. :)

Seems like this project started going faster once we got some of the first steps done (market research and main idea for the website). I think it was only last week we finally started working on content. Now look at us go!

If you couldn't tell, I've been having fun with this project. Just thinking of the possibilities with a new website keeps me going and never gets me bored. Just taking the first step and getting over the first hill is the key. ;)



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