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Monday, July 12, 2004

Mom's Market work

This week as planned I'll be working on Mom's Market. It's been a trying day to say the least, what with all the interuptions and problems arising. My roof began leeking after yesterday's storms, so part of today was spent making phone calls and getting estimates on how much it's going to cost to tear off and re-roof the back part of the house. Lovely!

Of course on top of this mess, the children have been in extra amounts of trouble today. I had a can of pop dumped on the floor and the blinds in the living room came crashing down (snapping the top part, so the entire blind will need to be replaced - funny this had to happen AFTER we came back from Walmart).

Aside from everything that's happend, I've managed to at least get through my email. That was done in between interuptions, messes, and punishments. I had hoped to work on the "Back to School" page for Mom's Market, but that just didn't happen. I took a quick look at it though, and fixed a few minor problems so it's "good enough" for the time being until I can get some real work done on it. Which is going to have to be tomorrow since supper is almost finished. I at least have a game plan of what I need to do to update that section.

On top of the revision of the current section, I've got an article to write. I'm thinking tomorrow shouldn't be so terrible, since I don't have to go to Walmart (that darn blind is just going to have to waite until Wednesday or Thursday!) and there shouldn't be as many interuptions. Email also shouldn't be as bad since today was catch up from the weekend.

Important thing here is to stay calm, stick to my work schedual, and get as much done as I possibly can. *deep breath* .....wow what a day.



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