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Monday, July 05, 2004

More work done on Home Business Specialists

Somewhat of a rocky start to the day I must admit.....I forgot to set my alarm last night, so slept in with the kids and woke up rather late. Immediately got a call from my mother who wanted to drag me off to Walmart earlier than normal. So I got maybe 45 mins of work in this morning. It was 2 in the afternoon before I got home and back to work - so here I sit at 10 til 7 still finishing up a few tasks before spending some time with the kids.

While I still got quite a bit done today such as some networking and changing my signature line to refect the opening of Home Business Specialists, I still have un-checked items on my to-do list and that always drives me nuts. Must be why I stopped making out to-do lists there for awhile. :/

I must admit I got a bit side tracked while visiting the last message board of the day. Mike from IM4Newbies posted an excellent list of places to submit your blog, so I spent probably a good hour or two (in between cooking supper) working on that. Funny I was just thinking about looking for directories and there it was on Mike's boards. What a fantastic find. :)

I'm off to make out my list of tasks to do tomorrow, which should be twice as long as today's. Tomorrow I should have less interupted time though, so should prove to be better.



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