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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Motivation...Where'd it go??

Thats the way my ended yesterday and started today. Yesterday afternoon it was so bad and I felt as though nothing had gotten accomplished that I gave up and decided to do some yard work. I needed to feel some sort of accomplishment!

This morning I tried to jump right back in hoping the motivation had come back...nope, still wasn't there. I drug on through the biggest part of the morning just about to give up when bam! everything hit me at once. I now had work to do to help Kara with the business site, a friend thats just starting out online to help and the ezine to get ready for tomorrow (we've decided that as long as the kiddos are home from school..mornings are no longer my "time").

Yay! And the motivation is back! Ezine is all ready to go and I managed to help Kara with a handful of the pages for the business site (with a couple of extra new ideas for it even!). Not to mention my offline friend is about 2 steps away from having her very own website! Not too bad for a day that started out so slow. Always remember...no matter what...Keep On Pluggin!

Anita :)


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