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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Where has the week gone?

Here I had plans to do all kinds of promotional work with Mom's Market, even make some changes and update pages, but I keep comming up with one idea after another. Anita and I did some brainstorming today on another event, which I'll be excited to get started within in the next few days. I just hope I have enough timenext week to do some work on my hobby site. Sadly I may not, because there is another website idea I would like to get started. My hobby site may once again take the back seat to big business. *sigh* One of these days I swear I'll finish it, and make it a money maker too. I found a little extra time last week and ran with a few ideas, so that pleased me temporarily until I can do some real work to them.

I suppose this week hasn't been too terrible so far - I managed to work on the advertising information page, update the Back To School section on Mom's Market, as well as write an article and get it submitted to various places. I did get a section of the shops updated as well, so that also pleased me.

Today I think I may take off just a bit early, and take the kids outside to play. I got a little side tracked playing with my CD collection. Eh, oops. Well what would you do if you found a CD that had been missing for 3 years and was one of your favorites? What can I say, I love music.

Tomorrow I think I'll start working on the new event we have planned for September, and also another idea that's just starting. I think I would feel good about working on those ideas, not to mention that it really is direct promotion and improvement of Mom's Market.

Well the children are getting restless, asking every 2 seconds if it's time to go out yet - I had better get going!



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