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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bring It 2005!

Are you ready? We're already a couple of days into the New Year and I do hope that you are prepared to make 2005 your best year yet! Have you made your resolutions and goals? I've been to a lot of message boards lately and seen that everyone is happily posting their goals. I think thats fantastic. To have goals in mind is Extremely important to your business. But, we can't forget that to make those goals happen we also need to make a plan on how we plan to reach these goals. What are you going to do to get more sales? How do you plan to sell more books? How are you going to build your subscriber list? Don't just make a list of goals you want to reach. Make a list of how you plan to accomplish each of those goals too! Setting a business plan is essential! Then make it a regular routine of maybe once a month to review and hold yourself accountable. Make sure you are working towards your goal ;)

Here's to the Success of 2005!


  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Carrie Lauth said…

    One thing I started doing this year is keeping weekly records of my earnings, where the income came from, etc. It's motivating to look at it and see that I'm making money, and it keeps me excited about making improvements so I can earn more. :)

  • At 9:28 AM, Blogger Anita said…

    Thanks for sharing Carrie! This is a very good idea. This will especially help in knowing exactly whats working and whats not. Then you know where to devote your time to and what to just let be. Motivation is a powerful tool!

  • At 1:36 PM, Blogger Sylvia Irene said…

    Well, I'm going to be "30" on the 21rst (Jan) and I'm scared I like it when I was 18,21,& 25 (we all do LOL) Any way I'm realizing that my body is not like it used to be and it's important to take care of it, it's just hard when you have four kids and babysit 24/7 I can have up to 16 kids on the weekends. So what my goal is, is to start taking care of myself better ease up on the soda, eat healthier, and exercise right. I mean I'm not going to go kill myself doing it. I just joined the "Wellness Center" and I love it!!!!!!!! I'm gaining more confidence and feeling better about myself. ***TIP*** For those that are not interested joining a health club (I couldn't afford it but some how I got lucky - tight budget) I find this much easier, fast, & less painful heheheheee (AND YES IT WORKS). I just stopped eating after 7pm if I was hungry later in the evening I ate fruit and drank water. I would only drink one soda a day....well maybe two LOL. That's all for now ------HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Anita said…

    Thats another great goal! As moms somehow taking care of ourselves always seems to get put on the back burner. As a mom we feel it's our duty to take care of everyone else and we forget ourselves. Good for you for taking better care of yourself! I'm sure there's a lot of us that need to think about doing the same. Ugh...but give up my pepsi?? LOL!


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