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Monday, January 03, 2005

"The WAHM Project" - Day 1

We mentioned this in our newsletter, but Anita and I are secretly working on a new project for a specific group of WAHMs. The purpose of this project is going to be a complete help package for that specific group. Our goal is to make sure we've covered every angle of this type of business for wahms, but to also make sure we have the best information possible.

You are going to start see quite a few posts like this one, because we've decided to map out our progress on the this project. Not only to show those that are going to be interested in the finished product just how much time and effort we are putting into it as well as the time it will save them, but also to help those who are wanting to promote similar products and services.

So on with today's plans. Most of today is being spent brainstorming and working on our "game plan". We're going to be jotting down all the information we are going to be including in this package, as well as gathering our questions for those who we've decided to contact for some extra help (basically second and third opinions on various topics). We've got some marketing plans down as well for when the finished project is done, which makes us even more excited to get this started.

Stay tuned as we go farther tomorrow!


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