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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The WAHM Project - Almost Finished!

Even though I was sick last week and out for a few days, I'm happy to say the project is getting close to being done. We might still be 2 weeks or so away, but the end IS in sight! There's just a few more details that need worked out and then we can say it's FINISHED, however the fun part of promotion is still to come. I'm glad we at least started on the promotion part, contacting a few website owners and getting a few lists started. Will make our job a lot easier when the main project is done, and won't take nearly as long to get everything in place for the grand opening.

I just took a look at the first post we made about this big project, and realised we started this at the begining of January! I know we have been trying to cover every angle and do things RIGHT, but had no idea it's been over 6 weeks since we started putting things into motion. I do know most of our time has been devoted to this, not counting the sick days and family emergency days.

On the other hand, 6 weeks seems like a short time to have gathered all the information we did from all the fantastic successful helpers we had. No way we could have gotten this far without them! Even though Anita and I have been in business for several years now, there's ideas we've forgotten, ways to promote we weren't aware of, and challenges not figured in. We've also been able to bounce ideas off of them, and they've given us a lot to add to this big project. Without them I don't think we could have had the quality we do right now, nor had the motivation to keep on moving and adding more benefits. It's not just Anita and I working on this project - it's a lot of successful women in business!

I'm glad we did plan this out the way we did, and got all our ideas out before we started or we might have been less organized (and believe me, we've had our days where we felt as though nothing was in order!). Making the plan of what needed to be done and how made all the difference, and giving eachother certain tasks to do made things go much smoother.

That's about all for now. Like I mentioned we are still a few weeks away but getting close to the big grand opening! We should have a release date here shortly, most likely in the next week or two.

Stay tuned!


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