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Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogging for Charity

Kara had mentioned about this a bit earlier but, I figured I'd share a little more details. On August 6th we will be posting every 30mins to A Tale of 2 WAHMs (here) for a full 24hrs to raise money for charity.

Our chosen charity is Rupert's Kids, who's mission statement is "To empower youth to discover their inner strengths, realize their own self worth and their value to society." Their goals include:

- Provide mentoring and educational programming to youth.
- Develop housing options for low-income families.
- Foster community partnership, which serve youth and families.
- Facilitate delivery of financial assistance and/or services to youth, low-income and homeless families in the areas of education, vocational training and job placement.
- Develop committed volunteers and donors to provide resources of time, money and property.

We are highly active in helping moms stay at home with their children, so the choice to sponsor Rupert's Kids (which helps in areas we aren't able to) was an easy one.

You can make a difference in the lives of many families by sponsoring us in the 2005 Blogathon. Details on our campaign can be found at:

Need help sponsoring? Check out Blogathon's Sponsor FAQ here:

We hope to raise several thousand for Rupert's Kids, but we need your help! The hard part is being taken care of - We are blogging from 9am on August 6th to 9am August 7th. 24 hours for a great cause! Sponsor us at:

Don't forget to watch our blog grow on August 6th!

Oh, and feel free to join in with us! Keep the comments coming to keep us awake!! LOL!


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