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Saturday, August 06, 2005

This post wasn't hard!

Haha, well unless you're a big brother fan like me you're gonna care less about this post! You had to know I was gonna post about this while I'm right in the middle of watching it, lol! (Gotta love my laptop)

So, who did you vote for? Did I mention I want Kaysar back? Honestly, at this point I'm not sure really who I am rooting to win.

Rachel & Howie - Although Howie can seem to be a bit strange at time, I really do get a kick out of him. I bet he makes it interesting in that house. I think for the most part those two have been playing quite a game.

Ivette & Beau - Well those two are just a pair and a half. I get sick of some of Ivette's comments but, I bet she's a pretty good person to know. Beau, he's just downright hillarious (IMHO).

Janelle - I didn't like her at all until she hooked up with Michael. I think when they started showing her with Michael we started to see her true colors. I don't think she was quite as bad a person in "real life" than she acted earlier.

April - She's "cute" ... Lol! If that makes sense.

Jennifer - Hmmm...is she flying under the radar or what? How much have we really seen about her? She'd be one I'd have to remind that this IS a game.

Mmmm...look at all those sweets coming through!!

Anita :)


  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger Anita said…

    Okay, change that. OMG! I love sweets just as much as the next but, oooh, that was just too much! Can you imagine trying to eat an entire cake? And in the least amount of time possible? No thanks!


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