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Monday, December 19, 2005

Very Exciting New Project!

I'm excited today to get started on a new project that I'll be working on for the next 3-4 months. What I'll be doing is taking somewhere around 300+ pages of a few websites, and completely re-writing them. Before all they had was affiliate links, and after about a year the search engines started booting them from the listings. Around 300 pages were dropped along with that part of my income. Over the past year I've kept by myself busy with other project to suppliment that income because I just didn't know what to do to bring that income back up. Well, I now realise the answer is content so that's what I'll be doing. Pure content for every single one of those pages, with affiliate links and blog posts sprinkled in.

What's really exciting about all of this is the time of year and where I'm at right now. It was exactly 2 years ago I was looking over reports and seeing the possibilty of affiliate programs, and making plans for major work on these exact pages. From late December 2003 until nearly April 2004, about all I worked on was those page. It was exciting, and my income was more than I had ever dreamed from affiliate programs. My goal was $500/mo from those page, and it was amazing to see myself meet and completely pass up that mark (by the time it was all done, I had more than tripled that goal, and was doing it every single month!). So now to see myself sitting in the exact same spot at the same time of year gets me very excited. I know where I'm heading, and know this time I'm doing things the right way. Of course I've got other projects here and there that also need my attention and that I'll be taking care of, but for the most part I'll be working on content for nearly 300 pages.

Since I've got another site which is pure content and survives on Google Ads, I'll be working on that site too here and there. It needs content just as much as these other sites, and I can't forget that.

While I might have to make some minor changes along the way, I have a full schedule filled out until the begining of March. I'm hoping to finish before then, but it could also take longer.

Anyway, I'm very excited if you having noticed!


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