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Friday, May 19, 2006

Recommended SEO Class

Nearly 3 years ago I took a class on search engine optimization. It was a really good class, and I made a lot of money optimizing my own affiliate pages and ranking #1 for almost all of them. Unfortunately, the search engines made some changes and no longer liked pages with nothing but affiliate products and I was dropped back down to square one. No fault of the SEO class, because all they taught was how to optimize sites. I just missed (or ignored) one important point - search engines like content, not tons of links.

Fast forward to 2006, and I'm doing alright. Not near as good as was before with my "automated income", but better than before the class. I keep using the lessons that were taught in that class several years ago and it's worked alright for me.

But then last month I came across some high recommendations for Cricket's SEO class. All I can say is this - WOW. There's so much that wasn't taught in the old SEO class I took back in 2003, probably because these are new discoveries. I am simply amazed at what I've been learning, and almost every lesson is something new to me. I also picked up a book called The Copywriter's Handbook for help on content, and it's make a huge difference in my writing abilities. It went extremely well with the content lessons in Cricket's class (put simply, the book I got was the full information on writing sales letters, and cricket's class outlined tips for web specific writing ...the book and the lesson fit PERFECT together!)

While the jury is still out on my official results because I was working on a brand new site (still waiting for it to be officially indexed, it's only been about 2 weeks since it was officially finished), I did use a few lessons to make some minor changes to a few other pages. I just couldn't wait, and decided editing a few things here and there while waiting for the next lesson wasn't going to hurt anything. The small changes I made on an established site took me from #76 all the way up to #30 for my keyword. I wasn't even applying everything to this particular page, just making small changes on the side for better conversion rates. That right there was proof enough for me that this class is awesome!

So if you haven't already clicked on that link above, DO IT NOW! You will not be disapointed in this class!


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