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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Online Coupon Site

I shop quite a bit online. Mostly from individuals and handmade stuff, but there are those occations where I buy from a big name if I really want it badly. The great thing about shopping online from the big names is there's never a shortage of coupons.

There's a great site which has all the coupon codes you can handle, from a ton of name brand companies. Good to know when Christmas is right around the corner, right? I've already started shopping at craft shows here and there, but always have to do a good chunk of my shopping online. Which is why I love this site, it makes it MUCH easier for me to shop!

I think my favorite place to shop has got to be Joann.com. While I don't buy Christmas presents there, I do buy fabric to MAKE Christmas presents. And this site has several online coupons from Joann.com. HURRAY!

What's your favorite place to shop online?


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