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Thursday, October 05, 2006

We Tried Something New

While some may call us crazy and possibly "bad marketers", Anita and I decided to do something different.

Since the Direct Sales Success Kit was released in March of 2005, we've had it set at one price. We've done some special sales here and there, but it's been selling well at regular price.

A few weeks ago though, we got the idea to actually lower the price....for good. We took out the "extras" which went along with the kit, including the private membership and any current or future ebooks. We did leave the website guide ebook as a bonus though. By doing so, we took off $20 of the original price.

Are we crazy? Probably - sales were just fine with the original price. We had no good reason to lower it, other than we wanted to make it more affordable to others. Well ok, and maybe sell more individual ebooks as they are released. But at least there is now the option to buy or not buy the other "side" ebooks, since it's not included with the kit anymore.

Feedback will be appreciated, as I'm sure we are about to hear it from both sides, both good and bad!


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