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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Taking a Personal Day

There's no doubting it any more - I'm stressed and need a break. I'm barely keeping up with housework, things need to be done online, and I'm starting to get a bit behind in school (nothing late YET, but I have a program due tomorrow and haven't even started coding it). Last night I decided to get to bed early (which I'm so proud of actually DOING!), and make today a personal day. Oddly enough my horoscope said this today: "Glide through your day without a direction and just experience things for a while." HA! Works for me....

So first thing on the list for today is homework. Both kids are at school, so now would be a perfect time to muddle through Computer Network Literacy reading and take the test. No distraction and lots of motivation (my motivation is at it's highest the morning). I imagin my daughter will be home before I can start work on the COBOL, but that's alright. Coding with kids around is nothing new to me. It's just reading and comprehending that I have a problem with.

While I'm trying to make this a personal day, I know I'll have to pop in and check email here and there. I still have some things which need my attention for at least a few minutes, so I'll have to get to those at some point. I've also got an idea for the candle site which I'd like to work on as well, but need to get school work out of the way first before I can concentrate on it. I already put up an Etsy listing while the kids were getting ready for school, so I can check that off my daily task list.

I'm hoping today will be a nice relaxing day and I can relieve some of this stress that's been building up. When was the last time YOU took a personal day?


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