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Monday, October 09, 2006

What went in your VCR?

First of all let me say, YES we still have a VCR. I'm one of those die hard people who refuse to completely transfer over to "what's hot". I do own a DVD player and many DVDs, but we still have plenty of tapes. I make a point to only buy tapes for the kids because they are less expensive, and I don't want them even thinking of touching the DVD player. The last one they managed to break in about 2 weeks flat, which is why we have two separate machines now.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to start a post and encourage others to reply on what they've pulled out of their VCR that wasn't a tape. My sick kid finally decided he wanted to watch a movie, but I had to pull a spoon out before the tape would work. Yes you heard me - a SPOON! Why? Not a clue.

So here's a short list of things I've pulled out of my VCR in the past 6 years:

- Fruit Snack Wrappers
- Fruit Snacks
- Milk (ok so this didn't come out, it just got dumped on the top and caught fire)
- Toys, toys, and more toys
- Spoon (today)

I'm sure there's plenty more I'm not remembering, but it seems the most items pulled out of the VCR was random toys. It's amazing the VCR held up until milk was dumped on it. Maybe this is why it's all being replaced by DVDs, but I'm sure my kids could come up with more creative things to shove in DVD player if they had the chance. Too bad I don't allow it in the living room anymore, and it stays out here with me!


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