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Friday, September 22, 2006

So Busy It Hurts

Last night as I was thinking "I should post something here", I was so tired I hurt. This week has been nuts, and we've been running all over the place getting things done. Between the kids stuff at school, delivering candles and closing candle shows, housework, other business stuff, and school.......I don't have time to breath. The other half is in Ohio right now visiting a sick family member, so I'm on my own here. Not that he was a whole lot of help while he was here, but that's another story and we won't go there.

There's so much I want to get done, I just don't know where to start. I've dropped the ball on Idea Queen, although income wise it's doing just fine. The original goal was to work on it every day, but then I got distracted by Etsy. Which turned out to be a good thing - the sales over there have been absolutely crazy. Since I started posting about 2 weeks ago, we've sold 6 items. Nothing too spectacular, but hey, better than ebay. I've put little work into advertising listings and my shop, so I see that as a decent number.

Plans are being made for changes at Direct Sales Helpers, and I was happy to get some work done on that yesterday while Anita and I were both home at the same time. Really looking forward to Tuesday when the main announcement goes out, but with that will come the REAL work of getting things changed over by the end of the month.

While the kids still have things I have to keep an eye on every week, I'm glad to have the fundraiser crap out of the way. I know it goes to school and all that stuff, but I still have a hard time paying $8 for a frozen pizza. Especially when our sales tax in my county is 7%, of which 2% is suppose to be going to the schools. We pay more than the big city just east of us in the next county, so I'm not too thrilled about how much we are paying on a regular basis. That's a whole other vent though.

On the business side of things, while making some networking rounds it looks like I accidently started some trouble. Who me? Trouble? Nah! Really though, I wasn't trying to. I guess I just set someone off, which I tend to do on occation. Things can be taken so many different ways online, it's pretty easy to upset someone when they can't hear the tone of your voice or see expressions on your face.

That's about it for now I believe - I really need to get some "real" work done today, since it looks like I've got a straight shot until the kid comes home at 3pm. :D


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