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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Teaching kids to keep safe in school

My soundoff for the day...
Now that both my kids are in school now, I actually get control of the tv and get to watch what I want to watch (yay!)

This morning I chose to ABC Good Morning America. The first story I got to watch was about teaching how children how to be safe in school (focusing on gunman). Now don't get me wrong here, I think it's great that we're teaching our children what to do in a situation like this. Of course we want our children to be as safe as possible. The sad part is the fact that there is a need to teach them! How scary is this?

A few good tips that I picked up...

- Find a room with a window to make an easier escape route.

- Use anything you can. If you're trapped in a room with no way out, pick up whatever you can and break the window. One of the items they mentioned was a computer. Pick up that computer throw it through the window and get out.

- If you're trapped in a bathroom. Smear soap on the floor in front of the door. It'll make it super-slippy and the gunman will fall when they run in the door.

- Use exits. As simple as this sounds, ABC GMA set up a fake emergency situation and many of the students ran past the exit doors. Maybe this is a mindset that children can't just run out the front door or maybe there is another reason. Either way, remind children that the ultimate goal is to get out of the building as quickly as possible. And keep in mind, once they're outside, keep running until they're far enough away. Most children that did make it outside, paused right outside the door.

As scary as this all is, it's still very real and we need to make sure our kids know what to do in an awful confrontation such as a gunman.


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