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Friday, July 16, 2004

Back to School Celebration

Pages done and banner ad creation underway - a good day I think. Anita and I managed to get quite a bit of advertising done too, and hope to see some vendors and sponsors signing up. Still feel like there is more I could have done today, but ah well. Looks like I'm going to take at least part of next week to work more on Mom's Market because I haven't got a new idea for the site started nor have I  updated the home page like I wanted to. Plus I want to help Anita with some SEO work on Mommy's Helper, so yeah looks like I'm going to have to take another week. No biggie I suppose, since I might be able to squeeze some time in to get another website started. My hobbie site and addition to it can waite for another week - I just don't know if I can haha.
Ahhhhhh it feels good to know it's Friday though, and there's no pressure to get anything done or answer emails this weekend. I need breaks just like anyone else!


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