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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Event Pages Done (for now)

Well I'm pleased. I got a little bit of a late start today, since I had to make a run to Walmart and bumped into a few friends that I needed to chat with for awhile. That's the great thing about working at home and not having set hours to work - I can take an extra long lunch and chat with friends I don't get to talk to very often.
I shouldn't really say I got a late start though, because I did manage to get through all my email this morning and hit a few boards before I left. When I got back though is when I really got to work - getting the networking event pages finished. Ok mostly.  I realise we are also going to have to contact Nola from Classic Creations to do a banner ad for us that we can use not only on the home page of the event but for advertising too. I'm excited to get this started, so I can hardly waite!
I do feel a little guilty sitting here past 8pm just finishing up, but well I WAS gone for a good chunk of the afternoon, so it's not like I was neglecting my family or "me" time. I did all that earlier when I went to lunch and to Walmart.  Plus now I'm off to get to the "me and only me" time since the kids are in bed for the night. I love a quiet house :)


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