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Monday, July 19, 2004

Learning, Testing & Tweaking

Oooh, what fun!  I've been following a couple of posts about ebay at a couple of message forums that piqued my interest.  I had given ebay a small whirl in the past and just hadn't gotten the results I was looking for so, kind of gave it up.  I really didn't have the extra time to "learn" it.  Now ebay's fees are getting a bit crazy and I didn't feel like eating up the "test" in fees.  So, I decided to give MomPack Auctions a try.  Well, I have to admit.  I've had up to 4 listings so far and it's been kind of fun.  Oh, yeah..and its free ;)  AND...well, let's say it was kind of fun watching my first auction go back and forth between two people for a bit then all of the sudden right before it was over Bahm! Someone snuck in and took it!  Ouch!  But, yeah...it was kind of funny to watch that.  Sorry!
A post at Internet Based Mom's on Google Adsense enticed me to do a little tweaking on my ads.  I did a little tweaking on a couple of pages and articles...of course I found the new way better!  And of course I'm can sometimes be all about "matching" and "uniform" so...I'd wanna change all the google ads on my site...Yikes!
SEO...ewww...now those are some scary words!  Well, I guess for some of us.  Others, it just comes natural.  Kara and I worked on (okay, mainly Kara...she did all the hard work) tweaking the titles to all of my pages.   Oh yeah, only to find out that I made a Big boo-boo on all of my article pages.  (Probably going on somewhere around 100 of them by now)  Soooo, now I have to re-name all my article pages...Double Yikes!
So, as we're tweaking away my titles...Kara has a nice little idea.  I should have a subscription box for our ezine at the bottome of each article page.  Hmmm...Brilliant!  Okay, so now I just have to add some script to each page too...Triple Yikes!
Off to do more tweaking...yeah, after a job like this.  See you next year!!


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