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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Comparing Google Adsense and New CBClicks

I've been hearing alot lately about CBClicks so I thought I'd check it out. Everyone has been calling it an "Alternative to Google Adsense" which I think is starting to confuse some people. I'll explain some things I've seen so far.

Right from the beginning my thoughts to explain this better would be it's not an alternative to Adsense because you aren't paid per click, but per sale as most affiliate programs.

What I can say though is I think it's a nicer and easier way to use your clickbank account. Just my opinion but sometimes it can be a little time consuming to search click bank for the right product. Using this program will make that a bit easier because they do this for you based on the keywords you choose.

The ads do look very similar to Adsense Ads. One thing that I prefer on the "look" would be that it doesn't say "ad". Where google has "Google Ad" This just says CBClicks.

You also get to choose keywords for each ad. Which can be a better alternative to adsense because I'm sure we all have had a time or two that Google has thrown up a PSA ad or something that just doesn't seem to "fit your topic".

Also like Adsense you are able to choose the color and layout of the ads. Another option you have is to choose the number of ads shown per page. They also have a little section of banner ads that you can use too.

I don't believe I'll be replacing my Google Adsense but I think I will use them to help me find the right ClickBank Products.

There's a nice little Audio Introduction there that you might want to take a listen to at CBClicks.com

I've also added more information about this program to my Affiliate Marketing Information Network

I'd love to hear any opinions on this.


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