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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Chocolate Lovers Ebook finished

Well even though I don't have the free recipes up yet for this ebook, I did at least get the entire Chocolate Lovers package done today and all set up. That I'm happy with, although I'm afraid I may have worked a little too hard on getting it finished. I can feel myself slipping into that old habit of working myself to death to get projects finished. I did this last summer too, and should have learned my lesson back then. Although I still have been pulling away from work to give myself enough time to make a good supper for the kids, then sit down with them until their bed time. I did sneak online for just a little bit between after supper and bath time (hey, my youngest fell asleep so I let her sleep until bath time - we had a rough night last night and I'm not sure why).

I found a nifty little resource that really I've known about for quite some time but decided to give it a shot. It's a basic idea of a link exchange except with a whole network. If you haven't heard of Mom Pack, they are the ones offering the giant link exchange network. I do worry a bit about how it looks to the search engines and what it does for backward links, but I'm going to observe and see if it does effect anything. I know Anita has had this link exchange network up on Mommy's Helper for some time now, and just glancing at her backward links I spoted 5 from that network. Not too bad, exspecially when you figure that each member is required to do an update every 6 months. Wish I would have tried this one out before.

Aside from link exchanges and recipes, Anita mentioned something very interesting in her last post here. Target market! I do like that topic, because it's something that doesn't cross our minds very much. I know I had to really think for a long time with Mom's Market, because for awhile I was targeting the wrong market. I was stressing the fact the stores listed where mom run, but honestly for mothers not in business why would they care? So my target was shifted to mothers with young children, and focusing on what THEY need. Not just wahms, but any mother with young children. The title says it all - "Online Shopping Mall for Busy Mothers". Those that don't want to drag their kids to the mall, that want the easy and comfort of shopping from home but with the personal customer service that can only be given by sympathetic mothers (that is somewhat of a bold statement, and possibly somewhat biast to men, but I believe there is a bit of truth in it). Anita mentioned some intresting questions like "what makes my site different?". Well, I think I already answered that question. Not only is it a mall specifically for mothers, but it's filled with unique, mother run stores. Sure there are other copy cat sites, but I've seen the others and they are no where as large at Mom's Market. The last count was over 300 UNIQUE stores (not including duplicate direct sales company reps). Ah, I may be rambling just a bit, but that's what this blog is for right? Even with all this rambling, I think the topic of target markets could further be discussed and I could use to think about it just a bit more too.

~Kara Kelso~


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