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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mom Pack Auctions

I finally decided to get serious about this new auction site, and join Anita in promoting some products and advertising space. Just before the Ezine went out today, I set up my About Me page, then put up two auctions for advertising spaces and one for the last recipe ebook I finished. The auctions are as follows:

Site Sponsor Ad
1 month "Site Sponsor" listing on home page of Mom's Market. Normally $40 for 1 month, the auction starts at $9.99.

Featured Business Ad
2 weeks as exclusive "Featured Business" on home page of Mom's Market. Normally $30 for 2 weeks, the auction starts at $9.99

Chocolate Lovers Ebook
Over 600 recipes, all including chocolate. This ebook sells for $17.95 on RecipesForMom.com, but this special auction starts at $9.99. I figured with this one since the ebook is new I would give the option of buying it for a low price in this auction.

That's all for now. I don't want to spend too much time on these auctions just yet until I know for sure how well they will go. Just like at eBay, I know I'll have to advertise these auctions a bit for bids because it's not automatic. At least with Mom Pack Auctions there are no fees to set up a basic listing, and no fees involved if you don't sell the item. I never liked that about ebay, and it was becoming a real problem when I was making only a $1 or 2. My time was better spent doing other things! Hopefully this new auction site will be more worth my time and worth the time for my advertising manager.

I'll be watching these auctions closely and reporting how they do. :)

~Kara Kelso~


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