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Monday, August 02, 2004

What is your Target Market?

Well, now thats a pretty easy question, right? Isn't it? Well, I thought it would be. Until I was asked that question and didn't know how to answer. Of course I always could answer with "wahm" or "work at home moms" which IS my Target Market, right? Well, yeah...but, boy oh boy thats a pretty large Market isn't it? And each and every wahm has a different business, different reason for working at home, looking for different advertising, looking for different information....How can I provide all thats needed for that large of a group with such a diverse outlook and needs?

Okay, so there's also how many other "Wahm Resources Sites" out there? What makes mine so special? What makes my visitors want to come back day after day or week after week? The sad part is I don't know! How many others don't know? How can we be running successful online businesses if we don't know who our target people are and in which case then don't know how to fill the void those people are looking for? Yikes! What a question? (and a few more)

Now, thats some food for thought!

(Yeah, I'm learning a thing or two over at MomMasterMinds ;) )


  • At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We come back because we like you! We really like you.


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