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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Recipe Ebook Affiliate Program Open

If I didn't accomplish anything else this week, I'd be happy with getting the affiliate section done for my recipe ebooks. Earlier I found that nice code so I could use multiple landing pages for my ClickBank account. So today I finally finished up getting the code in order on my site, and built a brand new section just for affiliates (so that there wasn't anyway my affiliates would loose out on sales from my own paypal payment buttons or links to other items I sell as an Amazon affiliate on RecipesForMom.com). You can see the special pages I set up here: http://www.momsmarketonline.com/recipe-ebooks.html.

I also set up a page for the affiliates to learn about the affiliate program and get links to use for various pages on that special section. The links that need to be used are a little different from normal ClickBank links, but I've tested them to make sure affiliates get credit for their sales.

While it's certaintly been a trying week, I'm happy to at least gotten that done. Tomorrow for some reason seems like "National Take the Day Off Work" day and I don't know why. I was suppose to help my mom at the restaurant, but since my step dad got the day off so do I. YIPPIE! What odd is another friend of mine somehow just got the day off too. Weird how those things happen, eh? Well must be for my birthday, which is Saturday. Hehe - Just joking of course, but that is somewhat odd.


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