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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Finally! Everything calms down....

Just as I suspected, we are all starting to settle down a bit and work into a new routine. August was a nightmare, with things to do and places to be nearly every day, and some days were planned to the hour. After vacations, a new special someone comming into my life (which love is never planned, and will always throw you for a loop), and adjusting to new daily scheduals I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. So here's how it looks like my days will be for at least the next few months:

Mornings - work as usual. Finally! I can get down to business again!
Lunch time - making meals, getting cleaned up, and taking my oldest to preschool.
Afternoon - mostly more work, but once a week a trip to the store. Quite easy when you only have one child that is still facinated with being pushed in a cart and watching all the people walk by.
After school time - Pick up the oldest from school, then it's time to clean up a few things and tend to my personal life.
Evenings are spent cooking supper, getting kids ready for bed, and spending time with my special someone.

While it's all still busy and sometimes a bit overwhelming, I feel better with a normal schedual again. Something I can count on and that rarely changes. Ahhhhh I almost feel relaxed. :)


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