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Friday, August 20, 2004

Results of Test so far

I posted yesterday about my test for sending out specials. On Wednesday and Thursday I sent out the special to my "Specials and Discounts" newsletter list and to several "spam groups". I also posted the special on 2 message boards where specials are allowed, and one safelist. Here's the numbers that I've estimated so far:

5 or so visitors from the newsletter list
3 from groups and safelist
0 from message boards

Quite low numbers don't you think? I thought so. Oh, and this amounted to no sales. What suprized me the most was the low number from the newsletter list, which almost always has a high response rate.

There could be several reasons for the low response:

1. The wrong time of year for candles.
Since the specials and discount newsletter is made up mostly of parents due to the sign up form being on almost every page of Mom's Market Shops where children's products are shown, most are more concerned about paying for school supplies and what not. I've seen a better response to "back to school" specials on school supplies from this list (like 5-10 sales when a notice is sent to this list).

2. Not a big enough discount/wrong type.
The discounts may not have been enough, since I just used 10% or free shipping.

3. Over saturated market.
Everyone sells candles. Well, not everyone, but ALOT of stores online AND offline.

4. Sent to wrong list.
The "spam groups" I sent to were purely for spam. Monday I'll be running a test with groups which have mostly discussion but certain days for "spam". There may be a higher response on these groups.

5. Wrong days to announce specials.
I could be Monday or Friday is a better day. I sent on Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be playing with the dates in more tests.

I plan to do some tests with traffic exchange programs today to see if I get any type of response from those. What I'll be doing is putting up a page with the special and see if visitors click to other pages, or if it even creates a sale. *We will see*

I believe the only way to know what works and what doesn't it to keep track of tests like this!


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