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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back To School!

Yesterday was my daughters first day back to school. I think she really enjoyed it (Phew...!) She was lucky enough to have the same school teacher as last year because the teacher had moved up from teaching 2nd to 3rd grade. Yeah, Melanie thinks thats lucky cause she really likes her.

Although when she came home yesterday I wasn't sure who had started back to school! It took me over an hour to read through everything and fill out all the forms! Ahh...guess that comes with motherhood, huh? I was just amazed at the permission forms that have to be filled out these days. I also found out that I'll probably be learning a little something new this year too. They have to memorize all 50 states (which I knew those) but they also have to memorize each capital to each state. (Hmmm...I must have missed that lesson somewhere! LOL)

Having a home daycare my 3 year old son has become accustomed to having children here for him at all times. Ooops! They all started school this year. Poor Cole. Now all he has left is mommy and you know, sometimes mommy just doesn't cut it. Instead of having more time to work when the kids went back to school I found myself yesterday and today just as bad as it was over the summer. He required all the extra attention and of course I felt the need to give it to him because he was lonely. Hmm...we're going to have to see about some part-time care for him. I think he needs to be around other children too. Ahhh...the joys and concerns of working at home.


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