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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blog curiosity increasing

I knew it was only a matter of time until even more people would be jumping in on the blog bandwagon! I've said it before but blogs have been around for a very long time and have been used for a wide-variety of uses but now it seems blogging has entered a whole new level. I'm starting to see more and more work at home moms use their blogs for a venting space, business purposes, and just plain ole fun (gotta do that once in a while too!)

I've found reading other's blogs just as fun and interesting {Hint: They can also be a great learning tool too} as visiting message boards. Of course blogs can't and won't replace that because those are for a whole other reason with a sense of community and friendship. I've been adding blogs left and right to My Yahoo! page and doing a quick run down each day. Again, a nice thing about this feature is you can do a quick look at the title and maybe even a few lines of each entry and make a quick decision of wether or not to read. (Have I mentioned I adore that feature?)

The funny thing is all the people I had first mentioned blogging to .... I heard "Why?" "I don't have anything interesting to say." "Why would people want to read my 'ramblings'" "I'm too busy." And now those same people are saying "Wow! I'm blogging! What fun!" "I'm really enjoying this." "Blogging is addicting!" Can I say ... I told you so?!?! Have you reaped the benefits yet? Those nice little backlinks? Hmm..maybe you've made a little sale from a product you recommended? Made any new friends? Any new newsletter subscribers? Need you ask for the benefits?

Although, for every new blogger out there, there's still one more brave sole who says "What's a Blog?" I say brave sole because you often find them popping in on a message board topic where 10 people are showing off and talking about their blogs and post the question. Kara and I had written an article recently "What is Blogging" I've decided to create a whole new section at Mommy's Helper all around Blogging. I figured, what the heck ... I've got Online Party Information Network & Affiliate Marketing Information Network ... Why not go with my next "hobby". Stay tuned for Blogging Information Network ...


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