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Friday, October 08, 2004

New Idea for a Blog

The idea hit me yesterday to do a blog in a store format, but I wasn't quite sure how or what to do. Today it hit me - a product review blog for Christmas. Of course the market is going to have to be a targeted one, so the niche I'm choosing is shopping for toddlers. More specifically the 2-4 age group. This of course is the best niche for me to work with because my children are in fact 2 and 4. We try out toys and products all the time so to post a new featured product every day would be a piece of cake. I suppose I could expand it to preschool products as well, since my son just started preschool and there's that older age group of toys. Not to mention I know a very high percent of parents have more than one child, so I don't want to limit this idea that much. Of course at the same time I don't want to make it too broad of a topic either.

With a little planning this idea should do good for Christmas. :D


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