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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Mom's Ezine

I took some time yesterday, and revamped a website we originally planned to use just for our main ezine, Mommy's Helper - Mom's Market Ezine. Instead I've changed the home page to reflect all our newsletters and mailing lists so it fits in with the general "Ezine for Moms" idea. I realise not every mother is a work at home mother with a business, so we also have a list of our non-business mailings lists as well.

The following newsletters, mailing lists, and ezines are included on Mom's Ezine now:

- Mommy's Helper ~ Mom's Market Ezine (MHMM Ezine)
- A Tale of 2 WAHMs (mailing list for new posts here)
- Affiliate News
- WAHM Blog News
- Freebie Central
- Mom's Market Shops ~ News & Specials
- Nickelodeon News ~ New Products & Specials
- Soy Wax Candles ~ News & Specials
- RecipesForMom ~ Weekly Recipes & News

You can sign up for any of these mailing lists by visiting:


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