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Thursday, December 02, 2004

New Month, New Goals

I must admit I'm a little bit disapointed in myself that I didn't make a more clear goal for last month for Soy Wax Candles. Of course I didnt' meet my goal of one sale a day mostly because I didn't believe in it enough. It was an odd goal to begin with and just not specific enough. One goal I did set was to see 300 new subscribers to the mailing list for that site, and that I almost accomplished. I was short by 2. That's all, just two! I'll be setting the same goal for the candle newsletter which is another 300 subscribers this month. I could set it higher, but I don't because of a few reasons. One is because it's December, and tomorrow is the last day I can take sales for Christmas. For two, I have other sites that need my attention more, and have a better chance of grabbing more Christmas sales. So it's not that I'm ignoring the candle site now, it's just I'm focusing my attention on what's going to be most profitable for this point in time.

As for other goals, I'll be focusing on two sites (one at a time) for the next several weeks.

The first being Hello Kitty Merchandise. All I can do with that site for the time being with the time I still have before Christmas is update the site, then send out an email to the mailing list. I already did a small test with this by updating 2 pages then mailing the list with those updates. It produced several sales over a few days so I was happy to see that. There's still several pages left to update which I'll be doing today and tomorrow, then mailing the list again. This I feel will produce more last minute Christmas sales but still leave enough time for shipping.

The second site I'll be working on starting next week is Recipes for Mom. There are so many recipes left to be added to that site, and I'll be adding clear up until Christmas. The reason I've chosen this webite to work on up until Christmas is because of the income potential reaches past the "cut off date" for Christmas sales. How? With Google Ads of course! What I'll be doing is optimizing each page I'll be adding for the seach engines, then begin work on building the mailing list. I believe this site will have the capability of bringing in visitors even on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and exspecially with Google Ads visitors=income. To build the mailing list I'll be using the same idea as I did with the candle website, which was to run a contest. I have a few ebooks that I can give away as a "prize", and the cost is nothing more than my time. My time is worth money yes, but I believe this was a good use of my time. The ebooks that have already been made also serve as an advertisement, since I created each so pages could be easily printed from the book, and a link for the website would be at the bottom.

It should be a very busy month, most definately!


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