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Saturday, August 06, 2005

In between posts

Ah, I now see how difficult it is to make posts every half hour while attemtping to do something else! Much respect goes to those who are blogging alone and not in teams. I am very, very luck to have my partner Anita to split the time with me! We chose to take "shifts" so that each of us can attend to family today and uh, sleep.

Even still, this is proving to be a difficult task to write here and write my story as well. So this is what I've done for the last short half hour:

I took a look at the current short story I had written a few months ago. It's 4 chapters long right now, and it's a bit "rushed" as far as time lines within the story. Also there's more to add, but that I'll worry about later. 4 chapters is not much for a story that is suppose to have happend of a period of over 30 years! So what I decided to do is just start from the begining and re-write it. The plot itself is not being changed, but rather it's been "beefed up". I'm going into more detail for things I rushed through to finish. This started out as a story "just for fun" and more for myself than anything else, but now I'm thinking of publishing it or at least giving it to the public.

So far I've only got through the first 2 paragraphs of the original story, and already have 7 paragraphs of the "new" story.

Wish me luck on finishing this today!


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