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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One Week Left of my Challenge

Well with one week left of my challenge, I have to say it's just not going well. I hit some road blocks and some major distractions, and I didn't handle them as well as I should have. I'm having some serious writers block as well. :( Nothing like tons of excuses to really hold you back. I think I may have overwhelmed myself anyway, and caused a major writers block. Building pages and using other's content is one thing, but writing your own content on 100 pages is a totally different thing. I look at it this way though, I've now got 24 more pages than I had before.

So to ease a bit of the stress here and stop rushing myself (I really don't want sloppy content either - that's no excuse, that's a fact!), I'm going to change my goal a bit. I'm going to back off and only work to 50 new pages by the end of this week. I really hate to change my goals, and take the "easy way out", but I'm already heading towards a burn out here. Plus like a mentioned before, I should be taking my time and writing GOOD content instead of RUSHED cotent.


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