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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sweating it out...

Phew! Well the last half hour I spent sweating it out! Apparently we missed something during the sign up process for the Blogathon. We weren’t sporting the neat little Blogathon Webring (to your right now). Our great team moderator June contacted me and gave me the link to sign up. Oops! It says it was closed and if we weren’t signed up that our campaign would be removed!! I would have been so disappointed to be disqualified over that. Thanks June for getting everything straightened out! We’re good to go. Now back to that full email! Yikes! I didn’t know so many people were waiting, considering etc to join my team. I haven’t even really had a chance to advertise the promotion! They keep coming to me. Works for me!

Gotta thank God for hubby! I usually don’t work on the weekends...or I try really hard not to. (Doesn’t always work out that way.) He’s been taking care of our four year old Cole while I participate today. He’s got the little guy down in the garage working on the never ending truck project. Yeah, hubby likes them big. REALLY BIG! My daughter is on her way to the ASPCA with her grandparents to pick up our new family member! She doesn’t know it yet but, she’s getting the puppy she wanted for her birthday. This afternoon should be pretty interesting! Stay tuned to see what she brings home!

Take care,
Anita :)


  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger June said…

    ^_^ I'm glad everything worked out for you!


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