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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Is it time already?!?

How is it that a half hour can fly by so fast? Well looks like it's starting to take me a bit longer to polish up this story. I just finished Chapter 8 which has taken me all hour to do! I guess it doesn't matter much, but it's funny that earlier I was flying through the chapters every half hour. Oh well, no biggie! The important thing here is it's getting DONE. What I plan to do after that - erm, I'm not exactly sure. I may look into publishing it, or I might just put it on a website. Not sure, but someway, some how it's going to turn into a little extra cash I hope. But if it doesn't, hey this was fun!

The thought also crossed my mind that I should post a little teaser, maybe a paragraph or partial chapter just so you can get a taste. We'll see how much I can babble here, and if I REALLY run out of things to say I just might. ;)


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