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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Working on Chaper 5

I think I'm begining to run out of energy just a bit, but I haven't stopped yet. I'm still working on Chapter 5. The story is still coming out very nicely and the only writers block I have is what to type here on the blog! I would like to post the story, but wouldn't feel right about it since it's not finished and I'm really not sure I will finish it by the end of the Blogathon. If I do happen to finish it before the end, I *might* post a link or somewhere it can be read. Warning though, it's a very strong fiction/fantisy story. I suppose I can tell you about the plot eh?

For those who are interested:
The setting is a place not unlike earth, in a world where evil lurks in certain areas. There is a side that wishes not to fight, and a side that has the spark and will fight. The story is actually a bio of a young girl, and her experiences in this world starting from when she was first born.

That's all I will say for now, and if you are interested in reading this, stay tuned!


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