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Monday, May 22, 2006

Stay at home or work?

I recently read this article that finally shows both sides of the story. Do you stay at home with your kids, or do you go out and work? Many have regreats regardless of what they decide. The obvious solution is working at home, but that can be a challenge on it's own.

Read this interesting article here

Me, I choose both. I stay at home with my kids while making a living. It hasn't been an easy road, but I have zero regreats. However, this isn't the choice for everyone. I fully believe in freedom and making your own decisions no matter how many people there are telling you it's wrong. Everyone is different with different needs.

I look back at my own childhood and realise how good I really had it. My mom went to work very early in the morning, being out the door before 6am (and me with her when I was younger). However, she was done for the day around 10am or earlier being a postal clerk in a small town. So she was always there when I got off the bus after school, and was able to do all kinds of things with me durring the summer. Did I mention she was a single parent? We were never hurting for money because she had a job that paid full time while she only worked a few hours a day. Proof that you CAN provide for your children while assuming the duties of a stay at home mom. I really do believe it's possible to create your own destiny. Whatever you choose to be, it IS possible!


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