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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Balancing Work and School

Today's plans of course included working mostly on Idea Queen and gathering more content for the pages on the list. However, last night I got the call about my school books - they're in! Hurray!

My excitement was cut short when it registered with me that the guy said "Two out of three books are in". Ummm.....wait, what? What happend to the third and what class is it? He rambles off the course number, and like I know what he's talking about. So I ask if it's Statistics, because I KNOW that teacher would understand and I'm really hoping that's the book missing. No such luck - it's Computer Network Literacy. Lovely, that teacher is a PAIN!

So last night I emailed this teacher to let her know, look my book isn't in and they tell me it's backordered. No idea when it will be in, and there's a quiz next Tuesday. (That was one good thing about the one missing book - the other two classes which I do have my books for have homework due on Friday). She tells me to check the Ankeny campus bookstore because one of her students just bought one yesterday. Well that's awfully helpful, but one main problem - Newton campus ordered the books FROM Ankeny and did it for a REASON. Ankeny is 45mins away from here, and I'm not driving 2 hours up there and back for one little book. That's nearly $10 in gas for crying out loud! I ordered it from Newton so I wouldn't have to drive to Ankeny, plus it's already ordered. Pay for the same book twice? I think NOT. Her response - "I'll check Ankeny campus tomorrow". Ummm......alright you do that, although it's not going to do much good because I still won't have the book now will I?


So anyway, with two homework assignments and a quiz due on Friday, I'm seriously thinking I should hop on over to Newton right now and get started early. It's really nagging at me though....I have so much work I should be doing on Idea Queen. It's not like I haven't done ANYTHING on the site today, just not enough for my own personal standards. Although my books are calling me as well, and I DO have a deadline for the homework and quiz.

Isn't it fun balancing work and home?


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